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 Shougeki Dubo

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PostSubject: Shougeki Dubo   Sun Aug 31, 2008 4:22 pm

Name: Shougeki Dubo (Nicknamed "The Ogre")

Age: 32

Gender: Male

Village: Ex-Shinobi from the Hidden Village of the Rock

Ninja Rank: Akatsuki

Clan: Shougeki

Looks: A giant guy for a human, as he is incredibly firmly built and more then 2 meters high. His arms are monstrously think and muscular and his legs, usually totaly covered by his Akatsuki cloak, aint any different. His big, ugly head only holds a small patch of brown hair, and his nearly permanent grin always reveals his yellow teeth. All in all Dubo aint a charming, but a very intimidating person. The final notable feature about Dubo is the giant hammer he carries around on his back.

Personality: Dubo has officialy been declared a madman. Not without a reason, as this giant psycho doesnt do more then grin and yell. Dubo isent a very smart person, but what he lack in brains he makes up in power. His bloodlust is unrivaled and he loves to go out and wreck things. Though Dubo usualy doesnt listen to anyone and simply goes his own way, this one-man force seems to have great respect for the Akatsuki leader. He listens to this man like he is his pet dog, yet this man is also the only person he listens to. Everyone else getting close to this powerfull madman will be crushed in a blink of the eye.

Special Characteristics: Monstrous amount of chakra for someone without an inner demon, Shougeki Bloodline.

Elements: Earth and Water

Skills/Specialties: Taijutsu and Ninjutsu

Academy Student Techniques

Bloodline Techniques



History/Background Story:
Dubo hails from the Shougeki Clan, who lives in the Hidden Village in the Rock. As a young child, Dubo proved strong and destructive for his age. Still, nothing exeptional could be spotted just yet. This however was soon to change.

In his academy student period, Dubo proved to be quite a talented little student. He soon proved to have sufficient chakra for several techniques slightly above Academy Student level, and proved to have no problems mastering his bloodline nor his basic Academy Techniques. Though he still lacked true power, the child proved to have some serious potential.

Dubo graduated from the academy in his first try, but that was when he started acting a little weird. In his genin period, the young, what people first saw as a genius, now proved to be nothing more then a madman with talent for shinobi buisness. Though Dubo did good at missions and was a real powerhouse for his age, he tended to attack his teammates sometimes as well. What first seemed an once in a decade genius, appeared nothing less then a bloodlusty ogre.

Unfortunately, Dubo passed is Chuunin exams fairly quick. He was given inportant missions and had the chance to prove his full potential. He had potential, plenty of it, which made him a jounin fairly quick. Like his former teammates knew however, Dubo was absolutely not up for an important job. This was confirmed as Dubo slaughtered a whole village he was suposed to protect when he went on a rampage. As soon as he calmed down, even this tiny brained brute realised he was in big trouble and left the village. These days he roams around and is said to work for the Akatsuki.
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Shougeki Dubo
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